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The Resilience support programmes

The support programmes are available in the application, within the “Relieve” space, for remote monitoring patients only.

What are the Resilience support programmes?

The programmes designed by Resilience aim to improve patients’ quality of life through strategies and practices that complement their care and are adapted to their situation. The purpose is to relieve targeted symptoms.

Each programme combines various types of content. Programmes are structured into lessons, practical sessions and “live” sessions led by an instructor.

The programmes created by Resilience are based on a solid scientific approach and proven benefits. They make it possible to pass from an “educational” reading to an “active” practice.

What programmes will be available in the application?

Since March 2023, three programmes are available:

  • Yoga.

  • Meditation.

  • Physical activity.

Find out more while waiting for the programmes…

How were these programmes created?

In collaboration with the medical team, Resilience selects relevant scientific studies and strategies with well proven benefits. For example, our meditation programme is inspired by a strategy validated and tested in a randomised clinical trial by the University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA), published in 2021 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

These same studies and strategies are then reviewed by Resilience, which adopts the essential points to create a customised programme for patients.

To host each programme, Resilience collaborates with an instructor who’s a double expert – both in their field of practice and in their practice with patients affected by cancer.

How are patients able to access the programmes?

Some programmes, such as the yoga programme and physical activity programme, will be recommended by the caregivers based on the symptoms reported by patients.

Other programmes, such as the meditation programme, will be freely accessible in the application to all patients in remote monitoring.

Can patients join multiple programmes at the same time?

Yes, they can! In collaboration with their caregivers, patients can decide to join various programmes depending on the relevance of the programme to the patients and their health status.

Do patients not in remote monitoring have access to the programmes?

Patients who aren’t in remote monitoring don’t have access to the Resilience programmes. If they express an interest in these programmes but aren’t in remote monitoring, you can advise them to speak to their oncologist to set up remote monitoring.